Conflict with Neighbours

We understand that any type of conflict can have a big impact on you, including conflict with a neighbour. Does your neighbour have a noisy dog? Do you play an instrument, but like you cannot practice without getting excessive complaints from neighbours?

Neighbourhood conflict It is so commonplace, that many municipalities have developed formalized ways of addressing issues. It makes sense, given that neighbours are interdependent and live so closely to each other. Reach out to a community mediation service with the Mediate to Go directory below.

Unresolved conflicts with neighbours can create a great deal of stress and discomfort. You may think that avoiding the issue is better, in order to protect your long-term interests. Maybe the conflict will go away on its own, right? We have a better solution. Mediate to Go will provide you with a way to address your issues and concerns, while facilitating a long-term relationship with your neighbours.

Follow the Mediate to Go steps to ensure that both the needs of yourself and your family, in addition to those of your neighbour, are recognized and respected, to help you peacefully coexist.

First, try to think about where things went wrong. When did things change? Is there something you should apologize for? If so, find the right time to speak to them, offer an olive branch, maybe bring some cookies and ask to speak with them, and follow our advice to apologize.

You will need to understand your neighbour’s perspective, so until you speak to them, you are unlikely to know the cause of the issue(s). This is why most neighbourhood conflicts cannot be resolved without a discussion. While we recommend getting a mediator, here is some advice to try to resolve it on your own.