Conflict with my friend

Conflict is normal in friendships. Engaging in conflict, if done so in a collaborative way, can help friends develop a deeper sense of trust in one another, as well as increased feelings of intimacy. If a friend stays after a challenging conflict, you know they are there to stay.

Resolving conflict with friends requires patience and self-awareness. It is your responsibility to express your needs in a respectful way. If your friend is indeed a good one, they will not push you away when things get tough. Be sure to do your best to understand your friend’s perspective. A key part of doing this is learning how to listen actively.

There is never one truth to a conflict. There are always at least two truths that need to be understood. Some believe that there might be a multiplicity of truths in any situation. Even if you disagree with your friend’s reasoning, you need to make sure that they feel heard and respected. At the same time, you need to feel heard and respected. Both of these are possible. Before speaking with your friend, be sure you feel confident and are emotionally ready:

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