Conflict with my Family

Having a conflict with a family member can be extremely challenging, as we are often dependent on family members, yet we might have conflicting needs. Even if we are happy in our relationships with family members, we may have developed a pattern of communication that hinders conflict resolution, which might be difficult to change. This communication dynamic may have brought you to use Mediate to Go.

We are here to help. We understand that family relationships are essential in our lives. Our sibling relationships, for example, are likely to be our longest lasting relationships in our whole lives.

Conflict can be a normal and healthy part of any relationship, as long as it is handled fairly. In fact, effectively dealing with family-related conflict can make your bond even stronger. Here is our blog about fighting fair.

Remember that venting to other family members is likely not your best strategy.

If both of you are willing to ‘meet halfway’, a bridge can be built so that you may communicate to find a mutual understanding. We recommend making the first move to restore the positive communication dynamics within the relationship. The goal is to show your family member how much you care for them, while at the same time, respect your own needs and feelings through respectfully communicating them.

Use Mediate to Go to tap into the power of conflict and make your relationship stronger and move on to something better.