Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Mediate2Go.

Mediate2Go is a Cloud service that is "mobile responsive". That means it works equally as well on your Desktop, Tablet and Phone.

You can use Mediate2Go anywhere you have internet.

Absolutely. An administrator can invite new users to your organization.

However, you might need to increase your plan if you have already reached the user limit. The steps are simple and it only takes a couple of seconds to complete.

Yes, Mediate2Go does offer an individual account but the big benefit comes when you are working in a team. Mediate2Go provides a shared view into all ongoing cases, sessions, documents, parties and reminders.

There are also several levels of control in terms of who can perform what actions in the system (i.e. only show mediators their assigned cases vs the ability to see all cases).

Yes. Mediate2Go was designed with security from the bottom up. We manage security very strictly as we know the data is very important to you and your clients.

Mediate2Go only supports English at the moment. However, any language is supported as content within the program (i.e. you could take notes in Dutch or Spanish).

Once you have initiated a free trial from the site, we will then validate your status as a mediator (or mediation organization) and then reach out with details on your trial account.

If you are happy with the service, you will keep the account and all of the data.

If you decide Mediate2Go is not the right fit for your practice, the account will be securely deleted along with all data.